Rich’s Vision for Oregon



I care deeply about the future of our state, and like so many other Oregonians, I am frustrated by the partisan gridlock and party politics that are preventing good things from being done. The two-party system has led to less-productive leadership, and it creates more division than unity.


Public Safety & Crime

Public safety perhaps one of the most important functions of government. Right now, street crime, violence, drug use and abuses of power are all far, far more rampant than what is acceptable – and unfortunately, current leadership at levels are not doing enough. We will not make our streets or communities safer if this issue continues to just be talking points for politicians.


Homelessness Crisis

Nobody should ever have to live on the streets. We need to help our neighbors and take a step back to look at this crisis with reasonable and responsible compassion coupled with holding both the homeless and those that are getting the funding to serve them accountable.


Quality of Life

It seems like every day, a utility bill is higher, gas prices have gone up, groceries are through the roof, prescription medications and basic essentials are no longer affordable. Not all of these problems are solved at a local level, but we have to work together better to find close-to-home solutions to alleviate these burdens on our working families.


Climate & Environment

Conversations about the environment and climate change are tense because people are passionate about these issues, as they should be, especially here in Oregon where our lands and natural resources are some of the most abundant and beautiful in the country. representatives from organizations, industries, scientists, businesses, state agencies and more, who can have honest and transparent discussions about the environment, climate change, regulations, usage, solutions and so on.

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